Thames Reach
Sunday 19 November 2017
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Service and team managers

Service managers and team managers were involved before, during and after the mainstreaming of the GROW user employment project.

They were involved in the following ways:

  • Developing the trainee competency framework – this piece of work was carried out by five managers over a four month period amounting to 12 hours each.

  • Team managers offer training to trainees on an add hoc basis which takes two hours for ten managers per intake of trainees.
  • Support to Placement Supervisors and Life Coaches in their team.
  • Team managers hold one off meetings around unexplored issues and grey areas such as potential conflicts of interest and address these by developing guidelines and offering training to their teams
  • Selection panels - a total of five dedicated days is required to resource a trainee selection panel for one intake. At Thames Reach these included a service manager, two team managers and a project worker. This example is based on 75 applicants, short-listed to 25 interviews and a final intake of eight trainees.