Thames Reach
Sunday 19 November 2017
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Training for staff

By providing training for staff on revised polices and practices, and on solutions to identified concerns, employees became more comfortable with the concept of service user employment.

Thames Reach staff were given training about the changes to our Code of Conduct and Information Sharing Policy, the structure and principles of the traineeships, as well as the new competencies-based framework for recruitment

This was essential for employees to feel secure, understand how to effectively supervise their trainee and know how to manage new situations that could arise.  

"The training I received enabled me to develop new skills in giving feedback on the trainees' performance.

"This made me fully aware of the understanding of leadership style, and how to deal with frustration and difficult situations. 

"Overall, I  found this position enjoyable as it helped me to explore my own working approach to others."

Lorraine Roberts, placement supervisor