Thames Reach
Monday 20 November 2017
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Changing policies

Thames Reach revised organisational policies and procedures to ensure service users could gain employment, and would be well supported once in work.  

Thames Reach amended and wrote guidance notes to the following policies and procedures:

Thames Reach Code of Conduct
Policies were revised to accommodate the employment of Thames Reach's own service users
  • Code of Conduct


    To clarify the professional boundaries in the relationships between service user employees and other staff and service users

    • To address managing potential conflicts of interest that might arise as a result of the dual roles that service user employees play
  • Information Sharing Policy; Procedure for anonymising client records
    • To clarify Thames Reach’s expectations around the treatment of confidential client information by all staff
    • To protect service user employees anonymity


  • Protocol: Providing support services to service user employees

    • To give clear guidance on the approach of teams who provide support services to service user employees


  • Guidelines for Managing Staff with Substance Misuse Problems

    • To give clear guidance on the how managers should approach and support a member of staff with a substance misuse issue


  • Recruitment Policy and Procedures

    • To encourage service users to apply for jobs in Thames Reach and ensure that any practices prohibiting service users from securing jobs were eliminated (see Direct Employment)


Thames Reach’s sickness absence policy and criminal record check policy were successfully used with service user employees and thus remain unchanged.