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Monday 20 November 2017
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Internal culture change

Organisations will probably need to achieve a change in their internal culture when embarking on a service user employment project.


The change in culture will consist of modifications and transformations to:

  • Organisational structures
  • Staff attitudes
  • Support services to homeless people


Your organisation may need to:  

  • Negotiate with regulators, trustees and company members to revise your constitution and remove any restrictions
  • Negotiate variations to contracts and funding agreements to remove restrictions
  • Consider legal advice on the extent to which legislation permits positive discrimination in order to open up routes into employment
  • Explore whether the employment of service users has an adverse effect on the organisation’s professional indemnity insurance
  • Following an initial benchmarking exercise, develop a specific monitoring system to assess the progress of job applicants who are known to be current or former service users
  • Revise restrictive recruitment practices including advertisements, job descriptions and person specifications (to focus on competencies rather than experience)
  • Establish a communication plan with the aim of engaging staff in an on-going dialogue around the progress, benefits and difficulties involved in the employment of current and former service users.
  • Challenge staff attitudes that currently reflect an ‘us and them’ approach
  • Develop a plan on dealing with staff and organisational resistance to change
  • Address staff concerns around confidentiality, professional boundaries and managing failure
  • Create training, development, and employment-related support for service users
  • Decide how to create goodwill and momentum towards the initiative