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Monday 20 November 2017
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Other team colleagues

All team members can assist in supporting a service user trainee.

Photo of a former trainee
Mark Whiteford, a former service user trainee, is now a project worker at Thames Reach's Robertson Street hostel

Within Thames Reach, all team members are encouraged to offer shadowing opportunities and induction sessions to new trainees. 

Placement supervisors are responsible for arranging and monitoring a trainee’s induction into the team, their work and their development in the role. However, the whole team should feel an investment in the trainee’s success. 

At Thames Reach, trainees have reported that they have appreciated offers from other team members. In particular, they welcomed opportunities to learn from team members who have a particular expertise, such as mental health or substance misuse.

Teams welcoming their first trainee received training in preparation of the new trainee joining their team.

This training helped teams to:

  • Examine their own prejudices

  • Express fears

  • Ask questions

  • Understand trainees' fears

  • Hear about potential problems and ways to avoid or overcome them

  • Obtain information about the practical implications of the traineeship

  • Understand the expectations of the team members and trainees

  • Hear about revisions to policies, e.g. Code of Conduct, in order to manage issues that arise when employees are also service users

  • Learn about the support structures for trainees e.g. life coach, placement supervisor and buddy.

Download GROW training materials from the traineeship resources page.