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Monday 20 November 2017
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GROW project manager

Thames Reach appointed a dedicated manager to set up and run the GROW scheme, including the traineeships.

Kath Dane, GROW project manager
Kath Dane, GROW project manager

For the first two years of the GROW programme, the GROW project manager recruited and inducted the trainees.

She kept abreast of their development , conducted quarterly peer support review sessions, arranged the mini-placements and implemented the Stress Management Plans when required. (These can be downloaded from the traineeship resources page.)

She also provided specialist support to team managers, placement supervisors, buddies and life coaches working with trainees.

Lesson learnt

At times, the combined role of trouble shooter, reviewer and advisor was essential when trainees were in crisis and supervisors or life coaches were unsure how to proceed.

However, this extra layer of management support that was outside the line management structure occasionally caused confusion and caused others supervisors to feel undermined. Clear communication and clarity about the line of authority helped resolve and prevent these issues.