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Sunday 19 November 2017
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Jack has worked in maintenance with P3 for about 2 years. He had left home when very young and moved into a block of supported flats for young people, where he picked up a drug habit and was

involved in crime. He made contact with P3 after a few ‘clean’ months and applied for a job on the maintenance team. He got the job and started working, but after about 6 months fell back into drug use. The change in him was spotted by managers and he feels he very nearly lost his job at this point. However, a senior manager offered him a lot of support and encouragement: he was not at all soft on Jack, but showed that he didn’t intend to let him fail. Jack took this as inspiration to get his life back together again – he had been given a second chance and he owed it to the manager concerned to do his best. Since then he has not had any problem with drugs and the job has gone well.


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