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Tuesday 09 February 2016
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Developing partnerships with local authorities and outreach teams

Discuss with local authorities what support they are willing to give to reconnections work in their area. This might cover funding for ‘reconnections’ beds in hostels, travel costs and other welfare payments, including reconnections work within local housing and rough sleeping strategies.

As a means of strengthening your arguments, you may wish to consider developing a cost-benefit analysis. This helps to demonstrate to local authorities the value of spending amount on reconnections services against the costs of continued rough sleeping, for example:  additional use of health, criminal justice services.

Liaise with outreach providers and make sure they understand the benefits of reconnections work for their clients. This increases the chances of outreach staff discussing reconnection with clients and making part of their standard ‘offer’. It also makes more likely that services will make appropriate referrals in future. In the longer-term, this approach is likely to make reconnections with EU nationals easier because fewer will remain on the street and become entrenched.   



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