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Sunday 19 November 2017
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Shroton Street

Andy and Lesley

Shroton Street is located in a quiet side street near Marylebone Station. It plays home to 12 individuals at any one time and they typically stay between six months and one year.

Shroton Street uses the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) system to work with some of Westminster's long-term rough sleepers, many who suffer with personality disorders and poor mental health. 

PIE, stemming from work by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, recognises the high levels of emotional trauma that accompany, and in many cases precede, an individual becoming homeless, and aims to address the complex needs of the individual.

Outreach teams in Westminster utilise Shroton Street for people who need a more personalised and flexible approach.

The project has been successful with some of the more long-term, entrenched and isolated rough sleepers who find a busy hostel difficult to be in, or for stable individuals needing a quieter project. Residents work closely with their keyworker to develop their life skills and form positive relationships.

Residents receive a high degree of interaction with the staff, and individuals who may be withdrawn or socially isolated get more support.  Shroton Street uses a PIE approach and works with counsellors and other mental health services extensively.

Staff and residents regularly celebrate cultural and sports events together such as Christmas, Eid, the Olympic Games and World Cup and get out and about for communal outings. Recently, residents went on a fishing trip out into the Surrey countryside.

Training flats

There are a number of one bedroom training flats in the immediate area that are used by Shroton Street residents as they move towards independent living. Clients can stay for up to two years before being moved on to a clearing house, sheltered housing or their own rented accommodation.

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