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Sunday 19 November 2017
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Croydon Hospital Discharge

Croydon Hospital Discharge - Tina and Karen

The Croydon Hospital Discharge Project is set up to prevent the discharge of homeless patients onto the street and to ensure their stay in hospital is no longer than necessary as a result of their homelessness.

It has also saved the NHS money by unblocking hospital bed spaces and helping homeless people into suitable accommodation when they are ready to leave hospital.

Thames Reach’s Hospital Link Worker, based with Croydon Reach (Outreach & Resettlement Team), works closely with the staff of Croydon University Hospital. The staff member is at the hospital daily both within the A&E Department and the wards, and continues to support patients once they are discharged in to the community.

The project has already achieved the following outcomes:

  • 204 people have been supported by the scheme since its inception
  • A reduction in the number of discharges from Croydon University Hospital which result in people who are homeless returning to the streets
  • The prevention of unnecessary hospital admissions: 66 people (32%) were only seen in the A&E department and were not admitted to hospital
  • A reduction in length of stay and hospital readmissions within 28 days of discharge

Funding for the project comes from Croydon Council and was recently recommissioned until 2017.

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