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Monday 20 November 2017
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TRaVEL volunteering

Jeremy and Chris

The TRaVEL volunteering scheme helps homeless and vulnerable people to build their self-confidence, develop new skills and find opportunities for suitable employment.

TRaVEL participants attend an eight-week volunteering training course, which covers skills usually sought after by employers, such as communication and the ability to work as part of a team.

They then spend two months working two days a week as a volunteer for Thames Reach.

The volunteer placements vary to match the skills and experience of each participant. Previous jobs have included administration and reception duties, gardening, and events organising.

During their placements, volunteers are given support from their supervisor, the TRaVEL tutor, and a ‘buddy’ within the office with whom they can share any concerns. They also have the chance to talk about their experiences in a peer support group that meets every fortnight.

At the end of the scheme, Travel participants are helped to identify and achieve the next step forward in their lives. This may be to do more volunteering, take up education or training, or start looking for suitable, fully-paid employment.
ViE and TRaVEL Application Form
ViE and TRaVEL Application Form - [276 KB] Click to download