Thames Reach
Sunday 19 November 2017
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Farm project

Photograph of a man holding pumpkins

Thames Reach offers people who have experienced homelessness the opportunity to spend one day every week, between May and September, working on an organic farm in Sussex.

People taking part in the farm project are predominantly former rough sleepers now living in Thames Reach hostels, who spend their time on the farm preparing the fields, and tending and harvesting crops.

For many, participating in farm activities offers a chance to learn new skills and spend some time away from hostels, and from the city environment.

The project can give those who may be isolated or depressed a chance to involve themselves in a welcoming group activity during the summer months, with tangible results for their input come harvest time.

Participants pledge to remain drink and drug free during the day, and will hopefully begin to move away from homelessness as a result of the project.


This project is the result of a partnership between the Tebbutt family, owners of the Boathouse Organic Farm, and Thames Reach.

The farm project relies on the generosity of donors to run each year.

Please support the work of the farm project by making a donation to Thames Reach.

For more information please contact