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Monday 20 November 2017
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Peer Landlord Croydon

Tony Temple outside his flat

Peer Landlord Croydon aims to bring empty properties in the borough back into use. Peer Landlord Croydon offers homeowners the opportunity to renovate their properties whilst giving something back to the local community by renting them as shared houses for those in need.


Thames Reach will spend up to £25k on building works for each property to ensure they are of a good standard – the money is being provided by the Government’s Empty Homes Community Fund. The same affordable rents and peer landlord model are in place as in the Peer Landlord London scheme.


The scheme provides shared housing and peer support to formerly homeless people who are working or close to returning to employment. 

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Peer Landlord Croydon leaflet
Peer Landlord Croydon leaflet - [890 KB] Download the Peer Landlord Croydon leaflet for more information about the project