Thames Reach
Friday 17 November 2017
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What we do

Tracey and Mark

Thames Reach supports homeless, vulnerable and isolated men and women through a range of services, activities and accommodation projects.

Our aim is for the people we help to have decent homes, supportive relationships and fulfilling lives.  

Who do we help?

We provide assistance to people who are:

  • Currently sleeping rough on the streets.

  • Living in temporary or insecure accommodation.

  • Struggling to keep the tenancy on their flat.

  • Isolated from support networks, family and friends.

  • Living with a drug or alcohol addiction.

  • Coping with poor mental health or behavioural problems.

  • Struggling with health issues.
  • Trying to find work.

How do we help?

  • Thames Reach's accommodation projects provide accommodation with assistance for people with specialist needs, including mental health or substance misuse problems.
  • Thames Reach runs a number of day services that provide specialist advice and assistance to homeless and vulnerable men and women. 
  • The Thames Reach Employment Academy is helping people in South London find work. It is helping thousands of unemployed and economically disadvantaged people find employment in the capital. 

  • Finding work plays a key role in helping people on their journey away from homelessness. Thames Reach runs a range of schemes helping formerly homeless people find work.
  • Thames Reach run a number of specialist projects to assist with specific health conditions, provide better access to health services or to support people during times of acute health need.
  • The charity's five London hostels provide temporary shelter and food in a warm, safe environment for people sleeping rough.
  • No organisation can do it all on its own and at Thames Reach we believe it is our responsibility to
    work with others so that our service users have the best chance of turning their lives around.
  • Thames Reach runs a number of services and schemes that utilize the skills of trained, volunteer
    peer mentors.
  • Thames Reach offers services based on the principle of personalisation in which every person has the right to control their own lives and get greater control and choice on how they receive support.
  • Thames Reach runs a series of projects across London which prevent vulnerable people from slipping into homelessness. These schemes help people in danger of becoming homeless to live successfully in their accommodation, develop skills, interests and effective social networks and find employment.
  • Thames Reach is determined to help people escape from a miserable life spent curled up on cardboard and under blankets in alleyways and shop doorways. Every day and night of the year, Thames Reach’s
    rough sleeper services
    are out and about across London helping the capital’s rough sleepers off the streets and into safe, secure accommodation.

  • People who are isolated from friends, family and the community are often more vulnerable to becoming homeless.
  • Thames Reach is dependent on the support of a vast range of individuals, funders, companies, partners, commissioners and assorted friends and allies who share a belief that homelessness and social exclusion is unacceptable in the United Kingdom in the second decade of the 21st century and must be tackled and ended.
  • The GROW scheme aims to change the culture of the sector so that it fully embraces employing service users and provides real opportunities for work.