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Friday 17 November 2017
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Steadying the Ladder

Book cover: Steadying the Ladder, social and emotional aspirations of homeless and vulnerable people, Gerard Lemos

Homeless and vulnerable people have aspirations like everyone else, not just needs.

A new book by Lemos & Crane, in association with Thames Reach, redefines the framework for supporting homeless and other vulnerable people.

Written by Gerard Lemos, Steadying the Ladder – social and emotional aspirations of homeless and vulnerable people was published in 2006 in conjunction with the launch of a new website, SupportActionNet.

Support for homeless people has traditionally been focused on finding them somewhere to live and, more recently, on providing training and employment.

Yet these people’s social and emotional aspirations have often not been given the same level of importance by support professionals as people themselves attach to them. These can include:

  • strengthening their sense of positive identity
  • creating and re-creating lasting and loving one-to-one partnerships
  • building and re-building relationships with family and friends
  • having a place to live that feels like a home, and a job that is meaningful

Steadying the Ladder describes these goals and the reasons for their absence in some people’s lives. It relates the aspirations of homeless people to the key stages in receiving support from a housing agency, and to the way in which these organisations operate.

Based on the ideas contained in Steadying the Ladder, SupportActionNet sets out practical ways in which homelessness agencies can value and listen to the views and aspirations of vulnerable people.

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