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Friday 20 October 2017
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Single Homeless People in London

Research commissioned by Thames Reach Bondway in collaboration with St Mungo’s won the prestigious 2002 Tony Denison award for the best piece of homelessness research published in the previous year.

The report, entitled Single Homeless People in London – Profiles of Services Users and Perceptions of Needs, explores the profile of homeless people in different settings – on the street, in hostels, in day centres and after moving into their own accommodation.

It also looks at agency staff and policy-makers' perceptions of the needs of homeless people.

The research was commended for its breadth of statistical information and its challenging conclusions concerning policy and practice.

This report should become required reading for anybody wishing to gain an understanding of:

  • who is homeless

  • how homeless people’s needs are perceived

  • what should be done to reduce homelessness

The report was written by Tony Warnes and Maureen Crane of the Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing.

You can purchase a copy of the report for £10 (including postage and packing). Please email us for more information.