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Sunday 19 November 2017
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Minding the margins: An innovation to integrate psychology in a homeless hostel environment

This award winning article, written by Dr Emma Williamson and Dr Kathy Taylor, and appearing in a special issue of Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) - the CPF Award 2015 edition - details the implementation of Psychologically Informed Environments in Thames Reach hostels for homeless people in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Psychologically Informed Environments is a project which recognises the high levels of emotional trauma that accompany, and in many cases precede, an individual becoming homeless, and aims to address the complex needs of the homeless population in Lambeth.

The project involves psychologists working directly with people living in hostels, and supporting hostel staff to develop their understanding, confidence, skills and a psychological approach to working in this challenging area.

In the article, the authors state at the outset that: "[a]ddressing exclusion effectively means not only reaching out into the spaces occupied by homeless people, but also actually ‘living’ life alongside them, becoming integrated into their home environment, so that a psychological
perspective can become accessible to them, and transformational."

Clinical Psychology Forum - CPF Awards 2015
Clinical Psychology Forum - CPF Awards 2015 - [1.28 MB] Click to download