Thames Reach
Friday 17 November 2017
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Thames Reach produces a range of publications, from in-depth research reports on issues surrounding homelessness, to our regular email newsletter.

You can email us to order a copy of any of our publications.


In conjunction with other agencies, we have produced research reports on homelessness and other related issues.

Thames Reach regularly produce short, practical learning briefings that examine specific services that we run.

The Business Plan sets out a strategy to enable Thames Reach to help homeless, vulnerable, socially excluded and disadvantage people to overcome barriers and transform their lives.

e-reach, our monthly email newsletter, provides the latest information on our activities and the people who use our services. 

Our quarterly newsletter, News Reach, contains news and feature stories and is aimed at Thames Reach staff plus the people who use our services.

Thames Reach’s work has been brought to life in a report which looks at how the organisation is equipping people to find their own solutions to overcome homelessness and social exclusion.

Thames Reach also responds to government policy consultations on the issues affecting homeless and vulnerable people.

Thames Reach annual reports and financial statements.