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Friday 17 November 2017
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"Lexington Communications generously agreed to support a campaign led by Thames Reach and supported by a range of other charities, organisations, local authorities and health specialists aimed at raising awareness of the impact of super-strength drinks on the health of vulnerable men and women and reducing the availability of these drinks through, for example, encouraging supermarkets and shops to stop selling them and lobbying government to increase the price so that dependent drinkers moved to cheaper, weaker brands.


"The campaign had achieved some successes, but had stalled.  Working with key people at Lexington Communications our campaign strategy was refreshed and some key actions agreed which involved attracting more cross-party political support, understanding more about the health impact of these drinks to strengthen the case for urgent action against them and renewed engagement with the representatives of the drink companies to make the case for self-regulation.


"To develop a working alliance to take the strategy forward, Lexington Communications were instrumental in organising a highly successful summit which brought together key representatives from charities, local authorities and the police from different parts of the country including Brighton, Suffolk, Plymouth and the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Tower Hamlets.


"We are very grateful to Lexington Communications for so professionally giving structure to this event, offering direct facilitation on the day and for continuing to work with us to achieve the campaign’s objectives.  It has been a great experience for us so far and we hope that we can continue this relationship over a long period."

Jeremy Swain Chief Executive, Thames Reach