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Friday 17 November 2017
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Help and advice

Photograph of a staff member talking to a service user

In this section you can find advice and information resources on a range of issues. You may be looking for advice for yourself, or concerned about somebody else.

Many of these resources have 24-hour helplines or useful websites.  

Browse or search our directory of services to find out if they are right for you and how you can get in touch.
Advice for people who are homeless, or concerned that they may be homeless in the near future.
Advice for people concerned about their mental health, or who may be depressed.

Advice for people looking for courses of training or education, or seeking a job.


Advice for people who think they may have a problem with drugs or alcohol.
Advice for people who are suffering from sexual or physical abuse, have suffered in the past, or are trying to control their temper.
Advice for people concerned about money and debt.